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Be Real

I am currently working at a nonprofit homeless shelter in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. As I have learned more about the men, women, and children I seek to help in the city I have learned to trust what they tell me more. They speak with truthfulness that I often do not find in my other relationships. They don't hold back angry and they don't hold back feelings. I appreciate this greatly as a man who sometimes does not express his feelings with assertiveness. Reflecting on my work has has allowed me to be humbled and has challenged me to talk more authentically. Also I am newly married so I have to learn to be humbled in this area of my life as well. I often hold back too much of my thoughts and feelings. I know if I don't act "real" I will get nowhere in ministry. By "real" I mean to be authentic in speech and action. At my place of work if I am not real the men and women see my lack of authentic actions and words form a mile away. So my challenge i…
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Walking Past those in Pain

"The priest happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw a man beaten on the side of the road, but he walked by to the other side."

Often in life I see a person who is without a home and I see the pain in his or her eyes. The look in his or her eyes is very painful. Yet, I am surprised by the loneliness I see and meet in some people. I am perplexed because the person may be very wealthy. I am confused because the person may have a great career, at least from the outside looking in. Yet, hurt comes to all people. Pain comes to people throughout life.

I am grateful for this line in the parable of Jesus where he says, "the priest happened to be going down the same, and when he saw the man beaten on the side of the road, but he walked by to the other side". This line shows me an example of what NOT to do when I am seeking to be a follower of Jesus. How often have I walked by onto the other side, hopefully not too often, but I know that is not realistic. I f…

Without Counsel

"Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisors they succeed. To make an apt answer is a joy to anyone, and a word in season, how good it is!" - Proverbs 15:22-23

If you a looking to enjoy life you must be willing to learn with others. I encourage you to seek wisdom from others. If I live life in isolation I will fail, are you living a life that embraces isolation or seeks advice from others? I challenge you to seek advice today and if you are seeking adventure I challenge you to seek advice from someone who share a different perspective from your own. Report back what you learn about yourself to a friend and I bet it will be a worthy task for the day. Peace.

Emotions and CR

I am an emotional guy. I like laughing a lot and crying a lot. I love watching stand up comedians at their best and I enjoy very sentimental movies, moments, and make crying an almost daily part of my life. Once when needed a good cry I searched for "videos that will make you cry" on Youtube. I am not afraid to admit that I cry however I struggle to show my emotions in an environment when I don't feel safe. At Celebrate Recovery I always feel safe. I never fear how people who look at me or view me. Yet, when I am at work, church, and even in my own head I don't always feel safe. Something about Celebrate Recovery really makes me feel safe. I trust that people in the room with me know a little something about pain and grief and they are not afraid to show it. Yet, when I am in other circles I always feel fear to really start my full range of emotions. Now I wish more circles were safe, but it has been my experience that Celebrate Recovery is one of the most safest pla…


The books of James is all about instructions, instructions on practical living for the Christian living under the rule of Rome. Some scholars say the book of James is loosely based off the Sermon on the Mount that Matthew wrote about in his gospel. So for a book filled with practical living instructions, the story of Elijah seems out of place. Elijah was taken up into heaven through a chariot lit on fire. He is not normal. He seems like a superhero. Yet, James says Elijah is a normal guy, like me and you. Elijah does not want rain to fall on his land so he prays. He prays and it does not rain for over 40 months! This is not normal. Then, after the famine, he decides the land needs rain again so he prays and then he pours down rain. This is practical life? I am a bit confused. So what is James point? Does James want his audience to know that God answers prayers of those who do right and pray right? It is clear from the text that James seeks for his audience to believe they are on the s…

A Prayer for Today

Lord, catch me off guard today.
Surprise me with some moment of
beauty or pain.
So that at least for the moment
I may be startled into seeing that you
are here in all your splendor,
Always and everywhere,
Barely hidden,
Within this life I breathe.

- Frederick Buechner